Friday, October 15, 2010

empathy enables I to become We to become Being to become Ecstasy

Empathy requires trust and the willingness to surrender ourselves to the mystery of existence at both the cosmic level and at the level of everyday life with our fellow beings. Trust becomes indispensable to allowing empathy to grow, and empathy, in turn, allows us to plumb the divine presence that exists in all things. Empathy becomes the window to the divine. It is by empathic extension that we transcend ourselves and begin connecting with the mystery of existence. The deeper, more universalizing our empathic experience, the closer we come to experiencing the totality of being is, we become more all-participating, all-knowing, and all-belonging.

The Romantics seemed to believe that by becoming integrated into nature's flow, they somehow sheltered themselves in some spiritual way from the finality of their own deaths.

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